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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yes - I'm up to my old tricks again! 9 months, and once again... it's NOT what you think... I was just being typical Deb - distracted, ubber busy, with no time to blog. However, in my defense, You will soon understand why I allowed for so much time to pass before posting, and as I vowed publicly in previous posts, I will once again give you a quick synopsis of my  year at a glance. Hopefully with the amount of pictures below, it will make up for the long drought.


With the incredible vocal stylings of Brian & Jeff Bobila, Jin Alcantara, Lily Chan, and the musical genius of Jo Penaranda, V-Style, and Michael Parnell - "Let It Play" has been a project I have been looking forward to releasing for a long time!  I'm excited to see how "Let It Play" will thrive in the online world of Itunes and Amazon.  It's also now available on CD ON DEMAND.  Enjoy!  I certainly did!!


Perhaps it’s the association with the Cannuck and winter, or I just have that “chill” about me that brings me back on the Young and the Restless set once again in December. Whatever the case – I welcomed this opportunity with open woolen arm(band)s and made my 2nd taping one I would and could never forget. Little did I know that I would be Christmas caroling on the show for one of the originals, Catherine Chancellor (who I have grown up watching through my early teenage days), and singing side by side with R&B/Gospel up-and-coming, Harrison Crenshaw. It was especially a treat to be mixing at the old stomping grounds Studio city Sound with Tommy Weir, under the direction of Y&R composer and the man-to-be, Jack Allocco and the very talented Michael Parnell who arranged our parts like we were strings on a freshly tuned harp. It was quite delicious actually.

 The biggest shock of my life however, occurred when I realized I was singing harmonies with Pop sensation from the ‘80s, Tiffany. It took every ounce of me (and that’s a whole lotta ounces), to hold back from getting into my “Children Behaaaaave” fits, as I know she’s heard enough of the song. But I couldn’t help the temptation… it was my childhood DREAM to sing “I think we’re alone now” in harmony with Tiffany herself, one day. How I was not able to figure at first glance that this stunning woman with (apple red hair) and pipes so powerful, it could shatter glass - I will never know. It’s funny how life works out sometimes. I remember sitting in my little room that I shared with my silly big brother Neil, circa 1984?? – looking at the two-dimensional Teenbeat magazine spreads of Tiffany – wishing I’d meet her one day… not realizing 20+ years down the road, I would be having lunch with her at a TV network studio in the heart of Hollywood. Pinch me, I'm dreaming. Tiffany – if you’re reading this – I’m working on implementing Organic food into my life along with sleep and slippery elm. Yes – my dear friends, that is the secret to good skin and powerful cords :) xx Debbie

After 10 years of having someone in such close proximity - you'd think you know them inside and out.  But after attending the Mandatory Engaged Couples Weekend in a retreat house tucked away somewhere in the City of Industry, I soon realized that there were sides of George that I had no idea existed... and he learned so much about me as well.  This whole weekend was about each other, and only each other.  We were fortunate to be in the company of our friends Jimmy and Angel (now Married and crazy in love), and to have met some amazing couples who we also learned so much from.  Although George went into this retreat at a very remote location kicking and screaming - he came out so incredibly moved and that much more certain of the steps we were about to take together.  We both were.  Much to George's chagrin, we were assigned separate quarters dividing men and women, and although George was stuck with Mr. Ground-shaking snorer in the cubical next to him, and I was across from the most interesting sleep-talker I've ever come across (And with such an eloquence, that made me want to stay up and listen) - we still enjoyed every minute of this experience.  4 enthusiastic thumbs up from this happy couple!  xx Debbie

As much as George and I were "fine" without some good ol fashioned bachelor/bachelorette weekend shinanigans - our cousins and close friends from Canada and LA were insistent on dedicating an entire weekend of pre-marital bliss... Gender-specific.  A healthy handful of our cousins, childhood friends, and "sistas-from-anotha-motha" who made up most of our wedding party put their heads and hearts together to plan our weekends out.  The girls surprised me with a little mud action at the Glen Ivy Springs, followed by massages and some hardcore pampering.  I was in absolute girl heaven.  All I needed was a martini and I was set.  And what followed suit?  Dinner and drinks at the rooftop of Standard where we danced the night away, leaving our cares behind.  Many of my girls are moms, so I know that it was especially difficult to plan an entire weekend away from their toddlers - so Lils, Lar, Lisa, and Giselle - thank you for making such a sacrifice just to give me one of the most memorable weekends of my life... and definitely the best girls-night-only to date!  It was a very very special treat to have my lifelong friend (from age 5, but I'd rather not specify just how MANY years "lifelong" entails) - Rolyn... who was well into the last couple days of her 2nd trimester of pregnancy at the time.   It meant so very much to me that my girls planned this weekend around her pregnancy to ensure that I get some quality time with her, as she was scheduled to have her baby right about the time I was getting married.  We'll get to that in a second.  It's prettty amazing how it all turned out!  Stand by.

 Back to the weekend... my small group of girlfriends from across the globe (well... North America, anyway) also planned an intimate Shower where some of the most cherished ladies in my life attended, which left me in awe, in tears, and in-spired.  A special thank you to Cat, Grace, Giselle, Lara, Lisa, and of course Rolyn for flying such a ways away to come to LA.  A very special thank you to Lily and Jeni, my Maids of honor for planning the entire weekend flawlessly and integrating your most impeccable planning and organizational skills.  I ended up with a whole lotta tears and not to mention, my most prized possession - an incredible book of memories from each of my bridesmaids.  Not a dry eye in the room when I opened up the package that carried this book of memories.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rowena, Joy, and Gigi - my sisters, and all of our cousins and friends from Canada who weren't able to join us - you were definitely missed... but you were there in spirit... and I definitely felt it.

For a more detailed and eloquent rendition of my Bridey-brideofferson weekend - here is a link to my Matron of Honor's blog, Lily.  And while you're there... be sure to check out her other posts.  So much going on in the House of Chan!

Meanwhile - back at the ranch, George was at home reminiscing about his bachelor weekend with his Bestman Darvin, which happened only a week prior.  George flew to Toronto to catch the sights of the beautiful Niagra falls, and according to George... THAT'S ALL THAT HAPPENED... ahem ahem..  Whatever the case - there is VERY little evidence otherwise - but at the very least George was able to visit our 1st condo on Charles Street, and munch on some Old Dutch Ketchup chips, while spending some quality time with this boys from Windsor. xx Debbie

Planning for the big day... NOT EASY.  Being engaged to a Graphic Artist, I thought, this is going to be a piece of cake!  As far as invites, programs, decor, anything that was remotely creative - I fooled myself into thinking... I AM SET!  NOT! :(  You see - unbeknownst to me... AND to George... this planning process needed much more than interesting ideas and creative angles.  With every cool epiphany (ie:  Making tutus for my Flowergirls, designing our own Invites/programs/rsvp cards etc FROM SCRATCH (that was a painful and long process), coming up with unique concepts that would make this day memorable for everyone (I'm notorious for actually caring about what people think!), and designing a very intricate website (that we're VERY proud of!) just to give our guests a little sneak-peek (ouch!) - we were faced with endless nights of actual production... and very little sleep.  Thank GOODNESS we had our daily reality checks from our Wedding Planners, Carissa Solomon & Jeanelle Pineda of DE Planning, that our ideas were CRAZY but definitely doable.  We welcomed their loving support and incredible assistance in realizing our outlandish ideas, along with our friends Lily, Jeni, Brian, and Lily's mommy, who licked, folded, punched, and tied like there was no tomorrow.  I consider myself so lucky to have had my mom and dad come a couple weeks earlier to organize over 300 programs, putting together ceremony binders, accompanied me to final taste testings and site visits, and driving me from point A to point B to point C, as my mind was too clouded to drive myself anywhere without wanting to stop and sleep.  I was an especially lucky bride as my Matron of Honor, Lily, insisted that she lift 50% of my over-ambitious projects by sewing 2 of my flowergirls' dresses, which matched my other two Flowergirls' Tutus FLAWLESSLY.  To this day I am still in awe of Lily's speedy turnaround.  Check out Lileeloo's unbelievable creations of "whimsical apparel and accessories".  

The help was, by no means, limited to the boundaries of Los Angeles.  We sought the heroic assistance of our cousins Cathy, Tess, Giselle and our friend Rowena who ran around their respective cities in the Great North buying materials (it was PERFECT Tess, thank you!), licking stamps, delivering the goods, accepting RSVPS... the slavery was endless!  I had these ladies jumping hoops - just to satisfy my dream of having the perfect day. xx Debbie

I finally did it!  I became a Mrs!!  Not just any Mrs.  I became Mrs. Wedding planner, Mrs. Font-expert, Mrs. Oh-my-Gawd-I-Have-An Idea!, Mrs. Multitasker, Mrs. Teamplayer, Mrs. Run-on-3-hours-of-sleep.  But the most exciting part of this whole intense time, was that I was able to experience first hand, the meaning of "having the most amazing day of my life". And I truly did.  Being surrounded by the people I love the most, our parents, our brothers and their families, our cousins, our close friends, our colleagues, our co-workers all under one beautiful roof of the Cathedral of our Lady of The Angels, followed by an evening under the Hollywood stars in the backlot of CBS Studio at the bottom of the Jerry Seinfeld stoop.  It was the most grand event of my life.  And I may be a little biased in saying it was one of the best weddings I've ever attended.  Not because of the bells and whistles, even though all of those details I imagined in my crazed mind, came out FLAWLESSLY -  thanks to my inCREDible wedding planners Carissa and Jeanelle of DE Planning, and my amazing partner in crime, George - an out-of-this-world Artist in his own right,  but also because I was able to spend it with people that I rarely get to see - all the way from Canada, New Jersey, New York, Northern California.  And to be able to have people from all corners of the world come together to witness our vows is just TOO INTENSE TO DESCRIBE IN WORDS.  Without boring you to peices, I'm just going to say - our wedding website is just about to be up, and you'll be the first to know... For now - here are some photos to enjoy that will give you a glimpse of what my day was like.

These are some of the details of the event that George and I, as a team, worked on night after night, later refined by our amazing wedding planners who brought our vision to fruition.  After back and forth emails, 3 hour long conversations, meetings over dinner that turned into Midnight snacks, the four of us put our hearts and soul into this project, that soon became... D&G

Our wedding party consisted of beautiful people from all aspects of our lives.  From who we grew up with, our cousins, and our best friends who have seen us through our relationship from beginning until this very day.  They held our hands throughout this whole process.. So I wanted to make sure they felt beautiful, comfortable, and matched flawlessly.  We wanted to highlight our family, sponsors and entourage, giving them as much of a special day as it naturally was to us.  From catered meals, to a grand entrance on the big red bus, there was no messin' around with D&G.

For you paparazzi out there, our family and friends had an incredible time posing with some Hollywood VIPs.  Definitely a perfect setting on the red carpet for some fancy familiar faces at the D&G summer event!

Once again, my beautiful Matron of Honor created an incredible synopsis of our day from her point of view.  Here is a link to Lily's blog.  And while you're there... be sure to check out her other posts.  She has since become pregnant and is expecting a mini-me baby girl (WEEEE!), and her 1st born, my bible bearer Benjamin, has been growing into quite a handsome young man... :)

Lastly, I would like to give a special thank you to our Photographers, Ja and Bev Tecson who captured every MOMENT of our day from every shade of lipstick to George's first expression when he saw his wife-to-be walking down the aisle.  Once again, our website will be up and running in a few short weeks, and you will get an idea of how amazing this duo is.  And as I mentioned earlier - we would be drowning in our own creative shinanigans, had we not been supported (and anchored) by our very talented Wedding planners Carissa and Jeanelle, who, with their amazingly kind other halves, Charlie and Jan, brought our celebration to a level far beyond our expectations.    

We were also incredibly privileged to have our Photographers and wedding planners alongside Loyd, AJ, and Mike from Red 5 Studios who put together the most heartwrenching, perfectly captured video of our day, within minutes following our ceremony so we could present it at our reception.  As we picked up jaws off the floor, we realized just how perfect of a gift this really was.  Not just for us - but for the people attending our wedding.  I was blessed to have worked closely with Miguelli who produced this amazing tribute that we worked on together in dedication to George.  After 10 years it felt right to finally put in words in the best way I know how - in song... exactly how I felt for this man, and this was the perfect way to surprise him.

Debbie & George | Same Day Edit | LA Cathedral + CBS Studios from Red 5 Studios on Vimeo.
Now on to the next chapter of our lives.... George, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.  xx Debbie


Notoriously known for "loving love" - I simply couldn't resist paying tribute to my family and friends who have also taken the plunge to make it official this past year!  My beautiful, lifelong friend of over 30 years - Rolyn Platon married the handsome Darcy Novak in a unique Thai ceremony in Phuket, led by Monks.  Absolutely breathtaking.  The stunning Lili Hakimi and Paul Daftarian celebrated their special day in true Persian-style, with food, music and laughter in abundance!  My baby cousin Matthew married his ravishing bride, Carly in Calgary, Canada.   A week before D&G Balino exchanged vows, another set of D&G - Dina Mastrangelo and Grant Garcia, also exchanged theirs in a beautiful organic setting overlooking the stunning views of Malibu.  Back in Windsor, one of George's dearest cousins Lieutenant Mark Balino, affectionately known as Chico, married the lovely Teah.  Hot couple status brought to the next level - family friends Shauna Holden and Justin Asuncion - made it official.  Jimmy and Angel Charoon (and there are more letters, but I don't want to offend them by spelling it incorrectly) had a traditional 12-course Chinese Banquet in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, and I'm now drooling just talking about it.   And only a few short weeks ago, my amazing Music Director and friend, Vicente Avella celebrated Portland-style with his stunning new wife, Christi Meador.   Congratulations to my lovebird friends!  Here's to a lifetime of bliss, romance, and whole lotta fighting over the remote control!  :) xx Deb

It would be rather baffling if Debbie, otherwise known as "Auntie Poppins" - the woman who quite simply, lives and breathes kids - fail to make mention of the births of some of the most insanely adorable newborns of 2009.  The precious Natasha Eva Hall - my cousin Nicole and Ken's beautiful daughter and sister of big brother, Kristopher.  The Lewis twins, Delilah Dawn and Scarlett Lee - the angel-resembling twins of Brian and Melanie Lewis, and sisters of the exceptionally adorable Olivia.  Our fab Videographer Loyd and his beautiful wife, Hazel welcomed into the world their little "ewok", Jude Cameron Calomay, who is going to follow in his daddy's footsteps as being one of the biggest Star Wars fans of the next Generation (alongside George's offspring of course). We welcome the gorgeous little Liya Rei Ibarra, daughter of our sweet friends from our days of late night desserts and full-weekend sleepovers, Nalie and Dennis Ibarra.  Baby Benjamin McGovern, son of my MAC sista Nikki McGovern, as well as our other MAC sista, Ericka Brannon who gave birth to sweet Ryder.   We had the privilege of meeting George's Cousins Jonathan and Laura Javier's precious baby boy, Cooper, who was just a teeny tiny newborn at our wedding.  That was definitely a treat!  And last but certainly not least - cousins Benjamin Benahmed, the handsome bouncing baby boy of Arnaud and Laurie - and Ty Philip Novak, the darling darling son of Rolyn and Darcy Novak and my precious Godson, were born merely weeks apart from each other.  The two cousins bear an uncanny resemblance, so I am at the edge of my seat trying to figure out JUST how MUCH they will end up looking like one another.
Congratulations to all of these new families, and here's to an abundance of blessings in your family's future.  xx Deb

One of my many jobs that keep my life exciting and unpredictable, is to work for MAC Cosmetics.  There are so many fabulous perks that come with this job.  Not only am I surrounded on a daily basis by undeniably beautiful people with impeccable faces and amazing talent, but I'm given so many opportunities to be a part of huge productions that are in the world of entertainment and fashion.  Being a part of Artist Training and Development, I work with some of the most highly skilled Artists in the business.  MAC as a brand was asked to be part of the Macy's passport HIV/AIDS Benefit and Fashion Show,  and it was an unbelievable turnout.

There were very familiar faces, such as Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, and Latoya Jackson,  to name a few.  We began the evening with cocktails and Chocolate Treats, a couple shots on the red carpet, VIP seating, ending the night off taking home a fun goody bag.   It was truly a night of glamour, Artistry, and flair - all in the name of Charity. xx Deb

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm part of the St. Monica's Gospel Choir.   They, to me, represent the aspect of my life that is completely and utterly rejuvenated in worship and in song.  I had the privilege to go on a mini-tour to the East coast in and around Washington DC - Alexandria Virginia, singing in Revival events in Maryland and Washington.  It was so much fun and it was the first time, I was given free reign to make as much noise as I possibly could, and boy did I ever.  Good times.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Valente Sr. Penaranda and Rusty Gutek – two family friends from my childhood days have been taken from this world, ready to face the next - and I was so lucky to have been able to come home for their send off. These are two individuals who have left such a mark in this world – and it was apparent in their celebration of life.

My Uncle Val is the dear sweet father of my friend and Guitarist-extraordinaire (not to mention writer and brains behind Larger Than Life), Jo Penaranda. Uncle Val was also one of my very first housemates when I first took the plunge to move away from home. A wonderful man who will not be forgotten.

And Rusty, loving wife of Harold Gutek, is the “chick with sticks” hiking wonder who welcomed me into her home for the last 20 years - for slumber parties, pageants, banana-slide revelry and anything her daughters Colleen and Patti and us silly schoolgirls would conjure up on our spare time. It was such an honor to share in the celebration of her life, in song. An amazing woman whose beauty illuminates through the eyes of her grandkids Avery and Emerson, my heart.

I am very lucky to have had these two amazing human beings in my life, and I’m even more blessed to know they’ll be my angels, giving me a dose of some divine direction when I get lost in my own little Debbie world. Xoxo Debbie


What better way to spend Halloween night than to hang out with good friends for dinner (Happy Birfday Myra), followed by a performance with Snow White (aka Charlie Superfly in the cutest Snow White costume that would make any prince flip out) to our own rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller (thanks Weeds…)?? It was a pretty intense night. The energy was so thick – you could actually see it, and the air was so hot – you could taste it. I had such a great time rockin my fro, a few seconds there I actually thought I was Charlie herself – but she quickly reminded me who the diva of the night was when we rocked that house down!

Of course the only appropriate way to end a Spectacular Spooky-fly night - is to catch your precious pug playing around with your fro. And so Kevin proceeded to do so...

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for checking in! It’s been 9 months… 9 MONTHS (and NO, it’s not what you think!!)?!!! …since my last update, and I must confess – it isn’t just a busy schedule, or out-of-town guests, or back-to-back gigs, or promo nights here, interview days there, or even a healthy mix of all of the above – that I can resort to as justifiable excuses for not keeping up with my daily/weekly updates. Pure, unadulterated procrastination is more like it. But from now on – NO MORE!!! I’ve made a mid-year’s resolution to blog like there’s no tomorrow – because the longer the gaps in between – the more wind you’ll be feeling blowing through the sentences of my very long long LOOOONG novellas. So GOING FORWARD – I make a public vow to keep my end of the bargain and update regularly, keeping them short, simple, and of course… inundated with photos – ‘cause we all know that pictures say 1000 words (and with my ability to chat non-stop, that means about 200 pictures per blog! Yikes! Brace yourselves!).

Okay – so here’s the long-short of it: Since my last update, the following events/tribulations (I refuse to mention any trials… those aren’t any fun)/activities/new habits/ discoveries/successes/ transitions etc etc… have occurred. I will utilize the very innovative literary tool called bullet point, to give me a little assistance in impressing upon you how MUCH has happened in this little world of Debbie Kee (and I’ll try to keep it as close to the actual timeline as I can):

- I have successfully completed my first ep Larger Than Life after endless nights of recording, editing, promoting, and living Larger Than life! It has since been released for download on,, (whoops – there I go promoting again!).

I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talent – Jo Penaranda, writer-pro and true guitar hero, Jun Alcantara, the man with all the ideas and the highest falsetto of any manly-man I know, Brian (killer-beat-man) and Jeff Bobila – the 2 keyboard/singing gurus – I get 2 for the price of 1 – how lucky am I?
I was overwhelmed with the dynamic of insane talent that played on our tracks – like Drummer sensation, Josh Freese (who graced the albums of No Doubt, Avril Lavigne, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Mötley Crüe, Nine Inch Nails, The Vandals, and toured with Sting, Devo, and Perfect Circle), and Matt Laug (who played with Alanis Morissette, Alice Cooper, Christina Aguilera, Lisa Loeb, Slash's Snakepit, and on a number of Movie projects like Knocked up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and the list goes on). Incredible.

- We celebrated my Boo, George’s ( – still under construction) day of birth. Thank God for that day!

- I got on board as a backup vocalist with Charlie Superfly who is severely Super and incredibly Fly. Check in for show dates every month here in Los Angeles!!

- I transformed into “Eriko” one of the FAFI dolls, for M•A•C Cosmetics sporting an outfit only a mommy could detest – and boy, did my mom have a hard time letting that one go! It was such a fun event (more like, six events) that took over most of February, right in time for Lover’s Day (and how appropriate, as I had an orange perma-heart etched into my cheek for a better part of the month)! I still see residue, and I’m thinking I may bring it back into style this winter!
It was a good look for me – seeing as I’ve always strived to attain that perfectly bobbed Neon Orange hair, an animated bounce to my step, and a cheesy perma-grin. It was definitely good times! And a whole lotta skin! Luckily most of it was covered with Makeup!

- One of my best girlfriends Lily gave birth to an incredibly adorable Boo named Benjamin. He is currently sporting a Mohawk – and NO he does NOT look like Maddox! Can I publicly say – he’s lightyears cuter, and I swear I’m not just saying that because I have since his birth, witnessed his first words, his first expressions, his first tooth, his first bite, and his first potty moment. Also – I believe I have some bragging rights in saying that I actually GUESSED Benjamin’s name merely HOURS before she gave birth. And as God, Lily, and daddy Vince are my witnesses (and of course there is always papertrail….) his name was already predetermined… My guess was not only wild, but right on point! Needless to say – he’s a pretty special kid to me. Check out his mom’s Blog – it’s the best one out there to date!!

- It’s Raining Babies!!! George’s Big Bro Don and his sweet ladies Mary and Mera (our God-daughter) welcomed into the world a beautiful baby girl named Ciena Esme. Please indulge me in reiterating that I imposed on this family ideas for names! I went through the alphabet and texted (is there any other way?) all my crazy ideas of course “Debbie” being one of them! I’d like to THINK they took my suggestion of Ciena – though I may have spelled it differently (which leads me to believe I had NOTHING to do with them choosing her name at all)... Either way – we’re thrilled to celebrate Ciena’s birth – and can’t wait to meet the little peanut in person! What a gorgeous little thing this baby is!

- Shortly thereafter – Keira Ngo was born. Can you tell I’m LOVING this baby world I’m living in? Keira is the beautiful daughter of our cousins Lara and Arthur, and I am so excited to see this already gurgling wonder grow up into that charming little lady she is already becoming.

- With all this talk of kids and drool – I decided it was imperative I release my 1st Children’s CD “Let’s Pretend, with Debbie”, once again, on, and And so I did...

A Special thank you to Photographer extraordinaire – Brian Bobila - for his insane talent in transforming me from Plain-Debbie to Insane-Debbie, John Stapleton – Senior Artist for M•A•C Cosmetics, the creator and mastermind behind 2-dimensional Debbie (see my cartoon self – what a babe, I must say!) as well as the awesome layout for "Let's Pretend", my main girl Jeni Ng – who managed to find my eye crease and work with it, and was able to give me 2 different looks within a matter of minutes - a magician really. Lest we forget the incredibly gifted Diane Jimenez, also a MAC Artist, whose work is nothing short of miraculous. And of course my lovebug George "GMoney" Balino, who designed the layout of my superfab CD that is now happily being sold in stores and everywhere online (say what?).
Of course without Studio Engineer and Producer, Michael Harold who is definitely the man-with-the-plan for this entire project, I'd still be pretending to be pretending. He is the reason why Let’s Pretend, is a reality for me. Stay tuned for more of Let's Pretend - and in a couple months we will be releasing Let's Pretend in Video!

- George surprised me with two tickets to see Miss Saigon in the Civic Light Opera in the Southbay, and I feel this experience alone reminded me of why I love musical theatre so much. George’s thorough planning skills and my ability to cry for 3 hours straight – was enough to convince me that anything is possible! The heat was definitely on in Saigon!!!

- Inkognito Productions finally completed and launched the “Making of - Larger Than Life” the Video!. Check it out – it was definitely as fun as it looks

- We are continuing to work on the production “Larger Than Life” with one of the most talented writers in the biz. We’re keeping the specifics to a minimum at this point as it is still in development – but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the goings on of this fab show. All I have to say is - Watch out Gossip Girl, this show will definitely give you something to gossip about!

- My baby cousins had babies themselves! Coco Somaco, daughter of Natalie and Donnie, and Kenzo Kee, son of Mark and Vanessa… Let me mention that Coco is the first girl after 4 boys. We know this beautiful little lady, will be taken VERY good care of! And Kenzo is so precious, it makes me want to cry - and I haven't even met either of these amazing little human beings! Moments like this – I really wouldn’t mind flying back to Calgary for some good ol fashioned family time!! I miss you all!

- Check out my first interview that appeared on Mabuhay in June 2008, by the talented Oliver Munar:

- My nephews from Canada – Dominic Lino and Benjamin Marco, along with my brother and sister-in-law, Neil and Joy – FINALLY visited me here in Los Angeles after years of empty promises (my brother loves to psyche me out whenever the opportunity presents itself! Gotta love the big bro!), and I have never felt so much joy and physical pain simultaneously in a span of 2 weeks! They are a couple energizer bunnies, only much more talkative and less predictable. Boys will be boys! I will forever feel that void of not being physically close to them…

- After surviving all the ups and downs – MY Boo, George, and I... you guessed it - got engaged!! This brilliant and sweet man after 9 years (technically 8) of tolerating, understanding, and accepting wholeheartedly, my Debbie-isms, got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife! He devised an amazing plan utilizing the two things I love the most, my incredibly adorable nephews and a Chinese takeout box! After so many years – I stopped pestering, and I’ll be the first to say – I’m glad I did, because nothing is sweeter than a surprise of a beautiful diamond ring from the man you love, after inhaling a mountain of fried noodles and a heart-stopping plate of sweet and sour beef. MMM!

- The summer was packed with performances on fancy stages (Jimmy Kimmel was one of the more exciting of the bunch), weddings and other blissful events, and more delightful studio experiences including ADR Voice over loops for Ben 10 the movie (sorry friends, no singing this time around), along with a Debbie-style Pop version of Jingle Bells on Hallmark’s movie “Moonlight & Mistletoe” which airs on the Hallmark Channel on November 29th, 2008 at 9:00PM, and throughout December. Be sure to check out the schedule for dates and times. I continued to do Music Cues for Daytime Soaps, Commercials and Promos. If you hear a familiar voice weaving in and out of a chasing scene, or hovering over an emotional scene, or whispering in a crime scene, chances are... it's Yours Truly. One of my more memorable, and not to mention, sleepless nights at Studio City Sound, I was given the special treat of meeting Ziggy Marley (son of the great Bob Marley) and Danielle Brisbois (Writer for Natasha Bedingfield, Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore and many more...). Definitely gave me the extra edge I needed to keep on a-runnin'!
It was such a joy working with such incredible talent – and humbling to say the least! Just when I feel comfortable with my way of doing things – there is always a new experience that keeps you grounded… and these experiences singing and speaking behind the scenes, did just that! Stay tuned for details on airdates and so forth!

- Two more births to highlight our already mind-boggling summer: Baby Max Montgomery – the precious little guy of Mick and Jenny is enough to make me do flips. ...and the newest addition to our family – Calina Grace Montero – daughter of Darvin and Lisa – has GRACED us with her intense cuteness and ability to converse at the wee age of 2 months (in Auntie Debbie language of course – which only I can understand).

- I recently joined the "Monica's Song" Gospel Choir and it's been nothing short of exhilarating and challenging from a vocal standpoint. We've done a few performances here and there, but one of the most rewarding for me was at the Juvenile Detention Center in Los Angeles. It was pretty intense, to say the least, being able to serve in the midst of young men and women trying to find their way back into the very society they felt alienated from. It warmed my heart to be a part of something so significant, and to be able to unite in song. My own personal struggles seemed so trivial after this incredible experience. Below is a snipit of the Fall Gospel Brunch in Santa Monica.

- My first single released - Larger Than Life - started crawling up the charts spin tracking system. It was surreal seeing my name in New Music Weekly Magazine week after week. Check out one of the stations that I later discovered, has me down as one of their top 10 requested artists I would like to thank all of you who have made requests… I appreciate your support and excitement, as this year unfolds! I can’t wait to share these moments with you – Every step of the way!! Xoxo Debbie

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What a day! Bright and early, it's hair and makeup, for my "Larger Than Life" Music Video Shoot in Studio City. With no time to eat or mull around in PJs watching Saturday Cartoons - I rush out after 30 minutes of makeup magic finished seamlessly by makeup artist, Jeni Ng. It's off to the shoot, and there's no time for small talk - it's right to business. With my trademark armbands and piggytails in place, I'm ready to rock the joint. See Gallery at for more photos. It's both exilarating and exhausting having to sing the Tween Single in its entirety 30 times over for the sake of angle variety. From the other side of Studio A's Glass walls, I mouth to the director, "Where's my Evian", but we all know I don't have much interest in water - I've just always wanted to hear myself say it!

With no time to spare, I make a bolt for the LA's Westside to prepare for my Children's CD Photoshoot. My long time bestfriend and talented Photographer, Brian Bobila sets up for the world's cutest shoot. It's all about the bright eyes and rosy cheeks when it comes to kids, so I break out the kid-friendly wear, cheesy perm-a-grin and start posing.

A special "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my Dad Nilo, and Godson/Nephew, Dominic Lino in the Great White! I am sad to be so far away, but with the successes of these ongoing projects, it will bring us that much closer to frequent vists and more birthdays together! Debbie


I went to my very first live Hockey Game at the Staples Center in Downtown LA as a belated birthday gift to my girl and roommate Jeni Ng. It's LA Kings vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs. My friend and former co-worker, Tony, the host-with-the-most, made it possible for us to sit in three of the best seats in the stadium! What was more invigorating was the surprise appearance from former co-worker and dear friend, director and Photographer, Heather Holty. You can hear our outburst of joy and excitement across the icerink. It was mind-boggling! Tony arranged to have a special Birthday wish posted on the Jumbotron, however, in pure Debbie-style, we missed in the action, as our gurgling stomachs were calling for some good old fashioned Staples Franks. It was one heck of a reunion! Debbie


Back in the studio again with Writer and Producer of Jigsaw Productions, Michael Harold, to complete final touches to the coming Children's CD "Let's Pretend". 4 down, 2 to go! Debbie


It's New Year's Eve, and it's mine and George's 8th Year Anniversary to boot! We decided to Ring in the New Year, VIP style with 3 of our closest friends LA Based Photograher, Brian Bobila, Attorney Laurie Dee, Carlo Bobila from Canada, and actress Gwendoline Yeo. We started off with a 10 course meal - no doubt - "it's all about the Wine Pairing" - at AOC in Beverly Hills. With full stomachs, we exchanged New Years Resolutions, wrapped it up in a time capsule, and made our way to Hollywood's Green Door for an amazing night of dancing and celebration. No line necessary for this troop, as we were "well-connected" and slid right in like a couple of eager kids at Disneyland. What a night! No sooner did Midnight come, and we all had our share of warm hugs and kisses from good friends. Perfect company! Insanely good times! Debbie